How to Become a Better Instructor

To become a better instructor teachers should be organized, have more group work assigned, and know the rules for attendance and responsibility.

                To be better instructor teachers should be organized. Instructors should keep the students paperwork neat and in separate folders. Teachers shouldn’t have their A-day class work inside of their B-day class folder. The teachers should have all of the necessary materials before class begin. Furthermore, instructors shouldn’t give the students grades. The students should earn their grades and the instructor should keep a record of them. For example, If the student makes a forty on a test but that teacher like the student that teacher shouldn’t give the student thirty extra points so the student grade can be set a seventy. The students should give the teacher feedback to help let the instructor know what they did or didn’t understand.

                Second, to be better instructor teachers should have more group work assigned every day for the children. Instructors should find music and other helpful things so the students can be more focus inside the classroom. The instructor can let the students choose a topic about something they would enjoy and have it assigned as a group project. Additionally, the teacher can show the class that school can be fun and interesting without a lot of commotion with the other students. For example, a classmate might love to sing. He/she can bring their favorite CD or tape and sing with the artist. This way the students could be more engage in the classroom about learning.

                Finally, the instructors should know the rules for attendance and responsibility. The instructors shouldn’t show favoritism to one student in the classroom. The entire class should be treated equally as a whole. For example, the teacher only likes four students out of twenty children in the classroom. She should treat all of her students equally as one another. Also, they should stop wasting teaching and learning time by writing the students up and sending them to the office. The teacher shouldn’t send the child to ISS (In School Suspension) because that’s taking time away from the other children that’s eager to learn. But, also fail to comply with the teacher then there will be consequences the student will have to adhere by the rules that us implied by the teacher. Teachers should follow the rules as well as the students. Teachers should have their classroom organize have more group work and address the rules for attendance and responsibility.

                This topic matters because without the teacher knowing what steps he/she should take inside of the classroom the students will do whatever they like.


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